My Visit to Hempstead New York

Today I would like to tell you about my visit to the city of Hempstead New York. As someone who enjoys science and culture, I felt the need to visit many of the museums, and nature preserves in Hempstead during my time there. If you would prefer to be outdoors and do more recreational activities I enjoyed the local golf courses, I think they are worth the time to visit on a weekend trip through the city.

During my time at Hempstead, I spent most of it visiting the museums and nature preserves, I personally enjoyed all of rich American history that can be found in such a small and beautiful city. I first visited The Cradle of Aviation Museum which is an impressive facility with a collection of over 70 air and spacecraft. My next stop was at the Twin Lakes Preserve where I went to enjoy the scenery and learn about the hard preservation efforts Hempstead goes through to protect what makes their city beautiful. Continuing with the outdoor theme I wanted to move onto more recreational activities, this lead me to the beautiful golf courses in Hempstead. Wanting to stay outside longer brought me to the beautiful eighteen course Lido Golf Club where I spent most, if not all of the day there. I thoroughly enjoyed my trip to Hempstead, and if you have any interest in Culture, Science, Nature or just good outdoor fun then I think you will love to visit as well.



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